Evolve release v3.13

Branching component enhancements

      • Assessment – Use the branching component as a course assessment instead of the assessment extension. Saves the pass/fail and assessment score to the SCORM LMS.
      • Full Screen – Opens the component full screen, a poster image and start button can be shown on the page.
      • Resume – Continue from the current item when revisiting the page. Works with Local Storage extension to keep progress between sessions.-
      • Progress Bar – Display a progress bar using the score or the current item’s milestone percentage. Milestone percentage can be set per item. Appearance options available for the progress bar.
      • Randomise Options – Randomises the options on the item when displayed in the course.
      • Copy Items – Copy any item in the branching editor.
      • Option Colors – Set inline colours for each branching option, set a global selected option color for story mode in Appearance.
      • Editor Size – Branching editor now takes up much more room on larger screen sizes.
      • Display history – Show a button at the end to show the path the learner has taken through the branching component.
      • Timer redirect – Set an option inside a timed item to be automatically be selected when the timer runs out, this option can also be hidden from the learner.
      • Limit story items – Set the max story items displayed at a time.
    • Search extension – Adds search functionality to the course. Uses word matching to find results in the course. Can set which content types can be searched. Search results link to the content in the course.
    • Hint extension – Adds a button inside a component to display hint text when clicked.
    • Graphic lightbox – When clicking on a graphic inside a graphic component, show the current image/selected image in a lightbox.
    • Comments enter key behaviour – Ability to change how the enter key behaves when creating a new comment, options available next to Add Comment button.
    • Editor search – Adds a search button to the top toolbar in Evolve. Displays all courses, their course structure. Can jump to the edit screen of any content type from anywhere in Evolve. Search through current/all courses for specific content to edit.
    • Ability to hide course attainment close button – Hide the close button, useful if using the close course option
    • Map menu pointer image size – Override the map menu pointer image size, be default the natural image size is used
    • Ability to disable progression animation on flowchart and dialog components
    • Audio component item spacing – Component item spacing now applied to audio items
    • Review notifications – Shows the course name and where in the course the comment has been made. Also clicking on notification will take user to the comment location or other actions if available to the current user
    • Gifs – Flip Card, Hot Graphic, Flow Chart now support gifs
    • Duplicate item – Can now duplicate an item in any component which has multiple items eg Accordion, MCQ
    • Help videos – All components now have updated video guides available to display in their respective edit screen or from the dashboard
    • Capture component enhancements
      • Move the X position on drop down menus, without moving the parent button
      • Drop shadows on menu items
      • Added margins between button and menu items
      • Clicking anywhere on the screen, should deactivate the down state of menus
      • Fixed/responsive menu footers, if possible.
      • Image url support (BOX), this would allow for faster screen updates without republishing SCORM files.
      • No options to delete menu items on drop down
  • Review comments – Sort name filter in comment view alphabetically
  • Rich text editor – Inline tooltips
  • Swipe menu – layout enhancements
  • Menu Completion – display completion status on pages/topics inside a menu



Evolve Release v3.12


  • New rich text editor
  • Mass asset tagging in asset manager
  • Set number of assets visible per page in asset manager
  • Ability to set a comment status
  • Gifs now supported in Accordion, Flipcard, Narrative, TextAndGraphic components
  • New code component that displays formatted code content

Bug Fixes:

  • Box menu button layout on tablet when using more than two items per row
  • Capture missing callout translation text added
  • Interactive Video missing video completion issue on Android
  • Menu item duration text alignment works
  • Drag and drop items grid option style more uniform with drop zones
  • Matching component dropdown styles in Safari display correctly
  • Table component can handles very long words
  • Hotgraphic main graphic aligns correctly
  • Table completion works when viewed
  • Hotgraphic now displays correctly in IE11
  • Hotgraphic carousel indicators when clicked complete the corresponding item
  • Swipe Menu hero text alignment works
  • Interactive Video Editor more reliable
  • Certificate download issue when revisiting page now works
  • Can now drag and drop an embedded asset in Windows
  • Course Navigation text colors apply correctly
  • Matching hover color in Windows display correct color
  • French characters display correctly in offline publish
  • Paste keeps order of components intact
  • Theme importer works with zips created on Windows

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3 reasons we loved Learning Technologies 2018

Last week we were at Learning Technologies at London’s Olympia. This annual conference of all things eLearning is an opportunity for software vendors to meet their customers and show their latest work.

We launched our LMS!

Bloom, our LMS, officially launched this year and we had fun showing people it’s powerful mix of features. Many people who saw it were surprised that they could have an LMS that offered the power to scale without it costing huge sums.


With all the features you need and none you don’t Bloom is light-touch, powerful and scaleable. Built to be pluggable the learner Dashboards are configurable to hold just the content that they need. This could be their latest Recommended course, the last courses they started or their progress. It could even be the whole library of courses available to them.

Want to check out the full feature list? Why not try a free Trial?

The Digital Business Academy

Ben Cave of Tech City gave a talk about the Digital Business Academy called “Out with the old; transforming the Digital Business Academy in 3 months with Bloom LMS”. We’re proud to have been part of this project and it’s been fantastic seeing the user numbers climb to over 60,000 since the project’s launch.

It’s great testimony to the hard work Ben and his team have put in using Bloom to deliver the project. They increased learner engagement 3 fold & more than doubled the lifetime reach of the D.B.A. and we’re happy that Bloom played a part.

The Digital Business Academy uses some of the pluggable architecture of Bloom to offer custom plugins that award users certificates and rewards as they complete courses. With the Open Sourcing of Bloom imminent there’ll be plenty of opportunity for developers to look at extending Bloom’s capabilities with custom integrations.

Digital Business Academy homepage

A little bigger & better

Finally; our new stand. As a company we have grown in the last 12 months and our stand reflected that growth. We moved from a basic scheme to something custom made.

People enjoyed coming to visit our stand and appreciated it’s calm aesthetic. We wanted to create a space where people could come and see Evolve and Bloom in a relaxed and informal environment and think we succeeded.

Picture of Appitierre exhibition stand at Learning Technologies 2018
Our stand at Learning Technologies 2018

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and see us. We loved answering your questions and showing you Evolve and Bloom.

Matt & the whole Appitierre team.

Learning Technologies 2018, London Olympia 31st Jan/ 1st Feb

With Learning Technologies 2018 tomorrow and Thursday 2nd Feb at London’s Olympia I wanted to take you through what we’ll be offering at our stand.

Learning Technologies 2018 is a big one for us as we’ll be launching our learning management system, Bloom; alongside showing all the new features in Evolve, our content authoring tool.

If you’ve not already heard about it, Bloom is an LMS that is feature rich and easy to use. We know that setting up an LMS can involve a lot of time, money and technical support. Bloom aims to alleviate much of that pain.

Firstly, when Admins or any other users login they’ll have access to a full walkthrough, video guide and manual. The combination of these aim to get you up and running with a system as speedily as possible.

Secondly; Bloom’s pricing model is compelling – we charge you by Admin without limiting your user numbers. That’s right, for the price of one Admin account you can scale to thousands of learners.

Finally; Bloom is a system that’s designed to keep to just the features you’ll need and none you don’t. We build products that are simple, fast and enable our users to their work easily; we don’t believe in feature stuffing.

We’re at stand T6 so come and find out about the Bloom mindset – how you can get a full LMS system up and running rapidly with our model.

We’ll have copies of enterprise level systems that are running Bloom now including Tech City’s Digital Business Academy (a system with over 60,000 registered users).

Our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about Evolve and Bloom system, discuss the Open source version (yup, there’s an Open source version) and take a look at the future of Bloom; an LMS you’ll want to use.

We’ll also have plenty of Evolve goodness for you as well; content authoring that is simple, fast and powerful. Come and learn to build beautiful courses and see why teams build better with Evolve.

We’re running informal sessions across both days and you can have one to one sessions with us on more specific aspects of Evolve and Bloom, or try them out for yourself.

As always we don’t believe in putting salespeople between us and our customers. Everyone who’ll be on the stand works directly on Evolve and Bloom.

Here are the informal sessions. No need to book, just come and see us. Stand T6.


1100  “Evolve from scratch”
1300  “Build beautiful branded courses in Evolve”
1430  “Bloom an LMS for teams”
1530  “Using Evolve to deliver client projects” – Fiona Quigley (@fionaquigs) and Helen Cassidy (Head of Content Development) from Logicearth Learning Services.

1100 “Bloom an LMS for teams”
1300 “Build beautiful branded courses in Evolve”
1430 “Evolve from scratch”
1530 “Bloom an LMS for teams”

We’ll be tweeting on #LT18uk

Evolve, Bloom & Appitierre – our year in review.

The year has been a big one for Evolve and the team at Appitierre and I’d like to go over a few of the highlights.

Releasing Evolve 3 was a huge milestone in the development of Evolve. Our theming and customisation engine had a complete overhaul and put control of styling in the hands of our users.

Custom fonts, icons, colours, background images; the list of modifications you can make on Evolve themes is wonderfully intimidating. Suffice it to say that if you want to build beautiful courses Evolve is your friend.

Over the course of the year we’ve updated Evolve with new components and extensions and the list long but here are a few we’re super excited about:

  • Course templates allow our users to rapidly stub out different types of courses.
  • Paste any component, article or even whole course; massively increase the speed of your development
  • Annotations became Comments; users can @mention each other, receive email updates and comment in real time on Live Previews.
  • Live Preview got faster, Assets got faster
  • Local Storage & Google Analytics are available to authors
  • Reviews were overhauled and brought into Live Preview for the first time. Collaboration is simple and effective.

Conferences & talks and other highlights

January saw the 2017 Learning Technology conference; this year we were so busy that we were often having to ask people to come back a bit later to take a look at Evolve with us. It’s always exciting to meet new and future customers face to face; our development team get a real kick out of it.

We had some fantastic conversations at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum about Evolve and a real sense that people were seeing us as viable alternative. Wes Atkinson introduced Bloom and demonstrated why it’s a Learning Management System to watch.

At the eLearning Network’s Unconference in October Wes again gave a talk on the power of theming in Evolve. We wrote more about that and the interesting talks we attended here.

Learning Appeal rightly got recognition for the work they’ve been doing in Africa bringing eLearning to the disconnected and we’re humbled to have played a part in that with our Capsule.

Supporting our users is central to everything we do and this year brought the release of our Evolve Academy – free to use learning built with Evolve, teaching Evolve, delivered using Bloom LMS.

Our new community is growing and we hope in the new year to keep building the conversation with our users. Take a look and join the conversation today.

Finally Evolve placed 5th in Craig Weiss’ Top 10 Authoring Tools 2017 and we made it onto the Fosway Group’s 9-Grid as a Potential challenger.

I’d like to finish by thanking all our users and partners. Thank you all. Without you we wouldn’t be able to build the products that help you build faster, more beautiful eLearning. We look forward to seeing what you build with us in the New Year.


Evolve Release 3.11

Linked Open Input Component

We have a new component for you. Easily link together open inputs, display the previous answers above the Linked Open Input Component. Excellent for letting users refresh their memory of previous answers they’ve given while capturing their responses via open inputs.

Google Analytics Extension

Copy/paste a Google Analytics tracking code and track page views using analytics. Will help take the guess work out of understanding where users abandon courses.

Don’t have time to read? Check out the video.

Table Component

Responsive tables are here! Build tables of data inside Evolve courses, specify how they respond on mobile devices all with a few clicks! Brilliant for developing more structured data presentations.

Course and Page Header background image

It’s possible to set separate styles on both course and page headers. Now you can do the same with background images. Add even more visual sparkle to your courses with this easy to configure feature.

Local Storage Extension

This is a big change. Local Storage is essentially a miniature database in your browser. Enabling the extension will allow learners to complete courses at their own pace without losing progress. They can even close the browser they’re working in and their progress will be saved.

Enable it with the Bookmarking extension and give learners the chance to continue where they left off or restart the course. The choice is yours.

Needs the course to be hosted either in an LMS or on a web server. Works with SCORM and extends it’s capabilities by saving progress when SCORM is unable to, for example by saving open input responses.

Prefer video? Checkout our release video on You Tube.

Evolve Authoring helps Xero deliver migration certification qualification.

Over 1 million subscribers use Xero online accounting software to run healthier, more efficient small businesses.

Xero’s blog report on Migration Certification has more detail. In short, the courses are designed to help Xero partners learn best practice for migrating their clients to Xero’s accounting software.

Xero’s education is truly global with Evolve.

Evolve is a cloud based service, and for Xero that means their clients can access the migration certification courses from wherever they need to.

David Dawson, Digital Education Manager at Xero,

“Evolve helps Xero Education be truly global. We’ve developed content in the UK and, through Evolve’s cloud based capabilities,we’ve been able to roll out localised content far more quickly than in the past.”

Evolve’s theming tools help deliver beautiful courses for Xero.

Evolve’s theming flexibility means that Sandeep Garcha, Digital Education Producer at Xero can create courses that look and feel like Xero.

Matching content to brand is key for Evolve clients. The tools in Evolve allow easy matching of content and brand. Applying branding across many courses is simple and scalable.

“Xero provides people with beautiful cloud-based accounting software, so our education tools must also offer this seamless experience. The themes within Evolve ensure we have this brand consistency throughout our courses.”

–   Sandeep Garcha, Digital Education Producer at Xero

Why a rapid release cycle is crucial for delivering professional eLearning.

At Evolve we believe that software should respond to the speed our clients move. Because of this we have a major release on a monthly basis with interim updates and bug fixes. Each release is packed with new features that our clients can use to build stunning courses in record time.

For Xero it means content authoring that is robust, even when faced with unexpected challenges.

When they encountered a browser bug we were able to push a fix within hours, and support them as the needs of the project developed.

“We’re constantly releasing new features at Xero as we respond to customers’ changing needs. It’s clear Evolve has also got this drive, and that’s what impressed us so much about the software. “

–  David Dawson, Digital Education Manager at Xero

If your organisation is looking to build dynamic training, to tight deadlines, then why not try a Free Trail of Evolve or join us for a webinar?

Or you could try some Evolve courses on the Evolve Academy.

Evolve Release 3.10

The biggest change in this release is the renaming of Annotations to Comments. After feedback from many of our users we decided that renaming “Annotations” to “Comments” made good sense. The change reflects how the functionality is used; people are commenting on courses and sharing those comments with their colleagues. Jumping directly to where a comment was made is also now possible. Want a change to a Block in a course? Comment on it and then the person who makes the change can jump right to the relevant Block.

Our Reviews process is also getting a major overhaul in this release. The biggest addition to Reviews is the ability to view a review on a Live Preview. This increases the ease with which Reviews can be done. There are multiple other improvements to the Reviews including an overhaul of the layout, linking to Reviews and Live Preview of review courses in emails and much more.

Don’t have time to read? Check out the video.

Comments (formerly Annotations)

  • Name changed from Annotations to Comments.
  • Ability to hide resolved comments.
  • Course comments and comments on specific course areas.
  • Direct linking to location on course where a comment is made.


  • Automatic email sent to Reviewers. This contains 2 links; one for the review and one to a Live Preview of the course with Review Overview panel available.
  • Addition of Review Overview panel in live preview
  • Improvements to layout of Reviews editor
  • Ability to toggle resolved comments on and off.
  • Ability for Administrators to see all comments or just comments for current review.

Swipe Menu improvements

It’s now possible to change how offscreen Swipe menu items are displayed. Users can toggle the menu to display all items i.e. they will run offscreen. It’s also possible to show/hide the controls only on hover.

Video Intro Fullscreen mode

  • Possible to set video intro to fullscreen or not.
  • Ability to set background colour when video not fullscreen

Menu Header styling options

In theme it’s now possible to override the global header styles and apply Menu specific styles to the menu header.

Evolve 3.9 is here

We have made some exciting additions to Evolve and I’d like to tell you about a couple of the best.

Easier course publishing

We have simplified publishing in Evolve. You are now offered prompts to guide you through publishing using the final destination of your content to set some sensible defaults. Publishing to an LMS? Now we setup the most common defaults for you and all you need to do is select the final destination for your content. More advanced user? If you’re more familiar with Evolve then you can still use the Advanced publish settings to tweak your published course set up.

Course templates

Many of you wanted a way to build out courses faster and we’ve done just that. When you “Create a Course” in Evolve we give you the option to choose from some pre-built, pre-populated course templates.

Feedback linking

We’ve added the ability to link content using feedback. So it’s possible to direct a learner to different parts of a course from a component based on the feedback they receive. So if they answer correctly, incorrectly or partly correctly you can opt to send them to a specific page depending on the feedback they’ve received.

Other updates

We have a ton of additional updates and fixes which I’ve listed below.
– New question results component – displays how many of the selected questions are correct and also feedback text and graphic
– New page indicator extension
– Can now position a page header graphic anywhere inside the header
– Show a close course button on the course assessment overview page
– Added a new drag and drop component horizontal layout
– Box menu item’s duration text now align to above the footer
– Media Play button can now be customised in the theme editor
– Feedback alignments can now be set per component
– Hotgraphic component can now have numbered pins
– Hotgraphic component can now display all items as a carousel inside the popup
– Block appearance settings now allow vertical alignment of components
– Set a default article style when creating new articles – available in account settings -> user preferences
– Can now add an image inside a filpcard
– Branding extension now has many theming options available in the theme editor
– Drag and drop component can be set to submit even if not all the items have been dropped into a drop zone
– Question button order can now be switched in the theme editor
– Feedback button can now be hidden in the course settings
– New storage extension for saving learner data
– New survey component – displays a survey form which saves the results using the storage extension

Want to see some of the updates in action? Check out our video

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